Dear J,

You will find your invoice of $8.71 for contract XXXX attached.

The amount will be deducted within the next 7 days by means of the payment method specified on the Payment Details page.

I’ve been putting off trying to figure out how to update the php without breaking my blogs. I’m not a programmer so I didn’t know how to fix it. A new charge of $8.71 was my tipping point. I turned to Google. Turns out, just one ´ & ‘ mean different things in code. I don’t even know how the ‘ became a ´, but changing that fixed everything.

And more importantly, saves me $8.71 a month. USD mind you, so that’s like SGD$11.75 – which I’ll most probably blow on a cup of green tea latte & another cup of bubble tea. Still beats paying that amount for outdated php support.

It’s still a little broken, but contents are still showing, instead of a straight out error, so … battle for another day. Anyone wanna help?

*Update: I think it’s fixed. Updated plugins to match updated wordpress*

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