The world is changing so rapidly. Earlier this year, rides like Grab and Uber were introduced. And then a few months back, bike-sharing entered the scene. The transport scene has changed so rapidly. I’ve lots of thoughts about that, but today I wanna talk about hitching. 

Grab had a $6 promo code for GrabHitch, and my ride basically cost only $2 after the discount. My normal train ride costs $1.23, so I thought, why not? 

The idea of hitching is essentially carpooling. Drivers can pick up others near their workplace, and drop them off along their way back home. In return, hitchers pay a fixed fee calculated by distance. Grab simplfies this by precalculating and collecting payment on behalf. 

But all I’ve typed so far is actually not the point of this post. What was “interesting” about this ride was how much a total stranger can tell you in just half an hour. Here goes ….

  • The driver has regular hitchers
  • He feels some other drivers abuses the hitch platform because they can’t get the license to do it as a profession
  • He works near me
  • His scrapped his car last year
  • His current car is from his recently deceased mum
  • It has 1 year more before it has to be scrapped 
  • He has a bicycle in his boot
  • He cycles occasionally at MacRitchie reservoir 
  • He believes excercise is important. 
  • He thinks Sweden has basic income, which allows their people to spend time on more creative stuff, and thus they have so many inventions. 
  • There’s a jap BBQ place Shima at Goodwood hotel, where you can eat but not come out smelling like smoke cause they have a booth that “febreezes” you
  • Something about good jap food at Takashimaya basement 
  • He’s weary about dropping me at the bus stop, because … cameras & fines. 
  • The other 2 hitchers – one stays in Bishan, one stays near him in Toa Payoh
  • 1 works at a JTC building, 1 works at Mediacorp

All this in just half an hour. This is just the stuff that I remember. It’s crazy how much one can tell a total stranger in such a short period of time. 

Btw, I hate small talk. But because I was sitting in front, I felt obliged to engage. 

So there. Haven’t tried another hitch so far, because … no promo code. 

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