D Speaks

D just turned 3. He has been speaking in complete sentences for awhile now. He doesn’t parrot and seems capable of deducing things. 

Like I was telling his dad the other day “shhh … didi is sleeping”, and D promptly said to his dad “Daddy, Mummy said you must be quiet”. 

He also likes to gives instructions:

D: I kick the ball to daddy, then daddy will kick the ball to you. 

After our recent Parent-Teacher session, we made another astonishing discover. D apparently also speaks complete sentences in mandarin in school. Also he’s the only one that speaks complete sentences in his class. 

It’s a surprise to us because he hardly speaks mandarin at home, and we were actually worried he might have problems with mandarin in future. 

We have also been using mandarin as our secret language whenever we want to discuss something, which we don’t want him to hear. Apparently he understands most of what we’ve been saying. 

We had our suspicions – S & my mum spoke Hokkien, and instantly he had a frown on his face and looked upset that they were saying something he couldn’t understand. 

A new secret language is necessary. Time for me to learn Hokkien. 

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