I’ve lived in this estate since I was 7 years old, but I’m embarrassed to say, I don’t really know many of my neighbours.

Here are some I know:

Our immediate neighbours: an old lady who loves cats, and lives with her single daughter.

Our opposite neighbour owns a light shop. My mum knows her as Mrs P, but not what her real name is.

Next to our opposite neighbour is someone who goes to the same country club as my parents do, and they play golf occasionally. They own a few greyhounds which they walk daily (with a cane)!

I’ve come to know some new neighbours recently. I don’t know their names though, and the reason I know them is because I walk past their houses every morning while sending D to his play school down the road.

There’s the botak gynae who always seems to be home. He has 3 dogs which D will excitedly say ‘woof woof’ when we walk past. He also has a grandkid who goes to the same school.

Then there’s another old lady with curly hair with 2 grandkids – a girl and a younger boy. She and her helper brings the 2 kids for walks in the park quite regularly, and my mum knows her too because they’ve met a few times while she brought Daniel out for a walk too. She’s usually gardening when we walk past.

There was once she was talking to the neighbour opposite, another old lady with short hair, with a yard big enough to have a badminton court!

A couple of doors down, there is this house whose door is always half opened, but the driveway is always empty – no shoes or other barang barang at all. I always thought the house was empty and that the doors and windows are half open to air the house. But hey, one day I saw an old lady walking in the front yard! Another day, I saw her dog, with a slipper in his mouth.

Just before his school, there is a house where an indian elderly couple usually sit out front on their porch in the mornings to drink their coffee and read the papers. Every morning they will wave to D, and D will wave back happily. On days they aren’t out, he wonders where they are. They too have a grandkid going to the same school.

And so in the span of 1 short month, I’ve come to know more neighbours then in the 20 odd years I’ve lived here. All because of a little boy. Amazing huh?

(Yes I’m not a very engaged neighbour :p)

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