Of Apples and Fast Cars

21 September 2001 was a very happening day because of 2 events:

– iPhone 5 delivers today
– F1 Night Race starts tonight

iPhone 5

The day I had 4 sets of iPhone 5, and then I had none.

Just before lunch, I received word from home that the 4 iPhone 5 have arrived. I was one of the lucky few who managed to order the phones online in a short 1 hour window before Apple SG decided to not allow anymore sales.

Decided to make a trip back home to get the phones, as I was planning to sell them near my office. The going rate for phones sold to the ‘black market’ on launch day is a cool $250 profit per phone. Every day after that, the rate drops.

The problem with Apple is they can never make enough phones to meet the demands, thus there is always a very active black market selling to those who just can’t wait to get their hands on a new apple iphone, and at a premium markup of course. Also, nobody knows when Apple will release more stock.

I was planning to keep one initially, but after hearing news that the profit was $1000, I decided to let it go. It’s the same rationale as how I can’t enjoy a meal if you tell me my food cost $250/head. I’m not that hard up for the new iPhone. Just have to wait till Jan to re-contract my phone plan and get one then.

So anyway, going home to get the phone took longer than I expected, so I didn’t have time to sell the phones. Decided to clear as many projects as I could, and then headed out to sell the phones. It’s kinda like holding onto a ticking time bomb. Every minute it’s not offloaded, the risk of them getting stolen, or the price dropping is there. It was a mad rush, cause halfway I got a call from office, and I had to scramble to get back. But not before I offloaded. The guy paid me in thousand dollar notes! Never seen one in my life! After settling the credit card charges for the phones, its a nett profit of $1008. Enough to get a new phone for free.

So I ran back to office, partly cause I needed to get back asap, and also because I was afraid there might be a syndicate robbing people like me! Haha. Carrying so much money on me is quite pressurising. Luckily I managed to deposit it into the cash deposit machine (they accepted $1000 notes thankfully), before heading down for F1.


First time going for the F1. Bought a $38 walkabout ticket, as I thought it was the last year they were having the night race in Singapore (they signed a new contract after). The main event was really the Jay Chou concert afterwards (not a Jay fan, but I went with a friend who was!).

Two words to describe F1: Loud & Fast

Couldn’t catch a clear shot of the cars on camera at all! And the sound was deafening. Interesting experience though.

As for the Jay concert, I’ve no idea what he’s singing, not because my mandarin sucks (which it does a little), but because he mumbles, but that’s his style. Whenever he spoke to the audience, the crowd just went wild, and I’ve no idea what he said. Couldn’t get a good view either because I was standing behind two super tall guys. My camera gets a better view:

The lighting was pretty awesome. During one of Jay’s wardrobe change, the drummer played a solo, and each beat synchronized with the lights turning on and off. Kinda cool.

After the concert ended, it was a mess trying to leave the area. Security couldn’t handle the crowd, so they swung open the gates and we got to walk down the tracks. Then for some reason, we couldn’t get out of the tracks. Everyone was trying to squeeze through a tiny crack in the fence. They finally made everyone turn back and rerouted us. Took us over an hour just to leave the place. Reached home at about 2+am.

It’s been a really long time since I’ve stayed out late. I need a back and leg massage!

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