iFly Groupon Deal

I’ve been wanting to try skydiving, but there’s no space to skydive in Singapore, and the paranoid side of me is always thinking something might go wrong and whether the thrill really outweighs the risk. Then I saw this groupon voucher for ‘skydiving’ in Singapore. It’s basically a vertical wind tunnel that’s supposed to simulate dropping from 12,000ft to 3,000ft.

Singapore, the land of manufactured experiences. We have simulated skydiving @ iFly, Flow boarding/Body boarding with simulated waves @ the Wavehouse, and you can even fly a simulated plane at Flight Experience!

The voucher was only valid on weekdays, so we rushed down after work yesterday and ‘booked’ a flight! Their last flight is at 10pm, but you have to be there 1.5 hours prior for briefing and so on.

iFly - Simon
Simon went before me. He was pretty stable.

iFly - Justina
I was spinning in there! The key is to be symmetrical. But your brain may think you are symmetrical, whereas your body probably isn’t!

It was an interesting experience, though I wonder if it’s really anything like real skydiving. I thought there would be the feeling of free-fall, where your heart feels like it’s going to jump out of your throat, but I didn’t feel that at all. Maybe I should stick to roller-coasters. Haha.

Watching the video from our free DVD, me spinning and floating around somehow reminded me of the lyrics:

“Do you ever feel like a plastic bag
drifting through the wind wanting to start again?”

I think it would be more fun if I knew how to control going up and down on my own. Doubt I will ever find out, as it really isn’t a cheap sport!

Oh, and apparently, when you enter Sentosa by car during weeknights, it’s only $2 admission fee, and parking is only $1 per entry! Cheaper than parking at vivocity and taking the lrt over!

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