An unintentional profitable hobby

I’ve realised for some time now, that a hobby of mine has been unintentional profiting me. It’s really almost passive income. Not a lot, but for almost no effort put in, I say bring it on! Since July ’08 till Aug ’11, it’s made me USD$829.09. Currently, it’s bringing me about an average of $1+/day, which essentially makes it >$356/year!

Some years back I started this blog. A friend told me that 1&1 was offering 3 years free hosting, so what the heck, I signed up for it. So for 3 years, it served me faithfully, and after that the trial ended, it didn’t really make much sense to move.

After all my hosting was only USD$4.99/mth, and I’ve this blog, another blog “Singapore Watch“, and a bunch of other stuff I can’t recall hosted on it. I’m figuring with web hosting & domain, the costs is approx USD$77.50 per year.

Here’s the thing though: this blog made crap, cause well, its pretty private. It’s not googlable for one (coded some stuff to stop crawling spider bots), and well, I don’t update that often anyway. Haha. I pulled off ads eventually, so it looks nice and clean. Now my other blog on the other hand, a whole different story!

I started Singapore Watch while I was still in US, and it was suppose to help me keep up and comment on current affairs in Singapore. When I came back, I realised that I really couldn’t be bothered much with politics. There were more interesting issues for me now. Stuff like finance, which banks and credit cards were good, and housing issues. Mostly housing related stuff now, and apparently THAT is the money generator.

I didn’t set out targeting the market, but buying a HDB is Singapore is really a nightmare. Even though HDB has a site with tons of info, it’s not easy to really understand what they are trying to say. So between reading forums, asking HDB officers and reading the damn HDB site, I became quite knowledgeable about this whole housing thing. I started compiling info relating to these, for my own reference, and apparently others found it useful too, and also started asking questions in the comments, which I answered the best I could. Google, Yahoo and all the other search engines started crawling, and viola, I get like 400-800 hits a day.

Now here’s the best part: This year alone, I’ve only posted 12 posts: 7 were copy-n-paste newspaper articles, 4 were my own opinions, and 1 wasn’t even property related. Last year, same thing: only 12 posts. The bulk of my posts was made in 2008/2009, because that was when we were looking to buy our HDB. After that, I only mainly posted news articles pertaining to new HDB rules or property laws. Aside from that, almost no effort on my part. I felt bad initially, like I was abandoning my ‘readers’, but what the heck, this blog is really meant to compile info for my own (future) investments. Any incidentals resulting from it, is just a bonus.

Income: >USD $356/year
Expense: USD $77.50

So that’s essentially it. The day my hosting and domain costs exceeds my revenue will probably be the day I shut down the blog. But I really don’t see that in the foreseeable future.

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