Sky Loft Premium Suites

Ever since I read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” some years ago, and learnt about assets (things you own that generates money) and liabilities (things you own that take away money), I’ve always wanted to get an investment property.

But with Singapore property prices being so high, and prices rising faster than one can save up the 20% down payment required, (40% now if you own a HDB with outstanding loan), it’s almost impossible to get an investment property unless you make a lot of money. Thus, the only viable alternative was to look across the causeway.

In the past decade, the land near the Tuas checkpoint have slowly and steadily been developed, and new townships created due to the ‘Iskandar factor‘. We first learn about this area because a friend of ours told us that Bukit Indah’s Aeon Shopping Centre had an A&W! Rootbeer Float! They served it in chill glass mugs when we first started visiting it, but later switched to paper cups. Maybe too many of their mugs got stolen. They still serve root beer floats in chilled glass mugs!

Anyway, as a result of our A&W urge, we learnt about the Bukit Indah area, and honestly comparing to “old JB”, near the woodlands checkpoint, this area is really well-developed and appears a lot safer. However, we still didn’t know how safe the properties were, even with it being gated and patrolled. Also, there weren’t any property available near the Mall.

And then Sky Executive Apartments came along. We missed that, but signed up to be informed of the launch of their next ‘luxury apartment’ launch – Sky Loft. The location is awesome – right next to the Mall, that has a new cinema currently under construction. Best of all, it’s super affordable if you compare it to Singapore.

Sky Loft (artist impression)

If all goes well, we’ll be proud owners of a unit here! It’s a 1516 sq feet freehold 3 bedroom apartment, which can be ‘converted’ into a 2 bedroom + studio, and comes with full condo facilities. And all this for the same price as our 99year 904 sq feet HDB flat – just RM$455/sqft!

Can’t wait for it’s completion! We will be on the 22nd floor. It will be rented out when completed, but possibly a future retirement home if Singapore gets too expensive!

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