Bike Lessons @ BBDC

As a kid I always loved cycling, especially when going down slope – not only do I not have to pedal, I get to feel the cool breeze brushing against my cheek, and dancing through my hair. Somehow it just made me feel free.

So it’s no surprise that as I grew older, I always wanted to learn how to ride a motorbike. Parental objection made it impossible, and back then, I didn’t have the money or time anyway, to ‘secretly learn’.

Then I met a colleague who rode a bike, and after saying I wanna learn to ride a bike for about 2 years, and having her tell me to just do it – one day I decided to just do it.

So now I’m 28, and equipped with a pair of Mizuno gloves and my own helmet, I’m ready. So on 8th Nov 2010, I enrolled at Bukit Batok Driving Center, and went for my first lesson the next day.

My bike for my first lesson – a Honda 160cc Megapro
I dropped the bike 5 times. Oops!

Left: There are 7 theory lessons in total
Right: There are 8 stages of practical lessons in total (each stage has 1-3 lessons)
Each stage has a different coloured vest. Feels kinda like the Taekwondo, only the last stage isn’t a black vest.

I think I’m about halfway through now. Just finished 4.02 for my practical, and onto 5.01. The lessons are actually quite fun, and you get a different instructor each lesson, so its a new lesson, new teaching style each time.

Can’t wait to get my license, and a bike. Weeeeee!

Oh and as for spousal objection, as the saying goes, “If you can’t beat them, join them“. So Simon just started learning too. Mwahahaha. At least now we can comment on random bikes together

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