Have always wanted to try out wakeboarding, but found it kinda expensive. Finally the opportunity came when in November, when VoucherWow had this offer of $139 for 2 hours. Still expensive, but cheaper.

left: The deal
right: Our boat & Larry, our instructor

left: This is mau’s 2nd wakeboarding session, so she’s good!
right: Simon learning what to do

Finally my turn! It looks a lot easier than it really is.
My knees hurt squatting there.

Managed to stand up on my 2nd attempt, and a few more times after,
but wasn’t able to stay up for long.

left: The pink board and shoes we used!
right: Larry let Mau drive the boat on the way back.

Simon enjoying the ride!

Apparently the boats used for wakeboarding are actually meant for fresh waters and
not sea water, and thus needs to be maintained more regularly.

Might or might not try it again, but I’m glad I got to try it at least once!

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