It’s been a long time since I’ve exercise, or play badminton. In fact, apart from the pathetic attempt at jogging, the last time I exercised was probably when we played badminton.

So … badminton sessions resume again! Booked courts for last sat, this sat, and the sat to come. Boy, badminton courts are really hard to book. They are so popular.

This past session was at Kaki Bukit CC:

Ee vs. Ee

The Young Ones (ehem)

The Younger Ones!

Photos by Simon and his Motorola MilestoneXT720.

3 Responses to “Badminton!”

  1. twin Says:

    I just played with LQ this past weekend!!!! So much fun!!!!! Yay, you’re playing too!

  2. twin Says:

    Why the net sagging so much?

  3. juznuts Says:

    I saw on the booking site that the CC doesn’t provide nets. I thought they were kidding, but they weren’t. I bought a cheapo $8 net just in case, but didn’t think we would actually need to use it. The string that came with it is too short!

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