A Visit to the Dentist

I haven’t been visiting any particular dentist, so today’s dentist is yet another new one. First time visiting a female dentist though, and the first dentist to actually notice that I grind my teeth.

Your teeth are pretty short for a person your age.” she said to me.

So basically, I had to get a custom mouth guard made to wear at night. That should prevent me from wearing down the rest of my teeth (or cracking them), and will relieve the pressure on my jaw joints, so that I wouldn’t need to operate on them in future.

To be collected in two weeks. I think the keyword here is ‘custom’. In other words, ‘custom’ blew a freaking big hole in my pocket.

Apparently, people who dream of losing their teeth are often grinders. I guess that explains why I have such dreams a little too often.

And I just noticed that I grind my teeth in the day too.

And I guess I really need to start exercising, since stress is one of the causes of tooth grinding, and exercise relieves stress.

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