8 emails to book a ride

I can’t believe it took 8 emails to confirm a ride, when it should have just taken 3 at max. Ms K was polite, but obviously didn’t understand much English:

Dear Sir /Madam,

We are need the flight number arriving on XX Feb’10 the airlines name to book the airport transfer for you.
Kindly to advise back by Urgently!

Best Regards,

Hi Ms K,

We just need to be at the airport at 1925 to meet up with a friend arriving on Flight TR108. We’ll not be flying off, so there’s no flight number. Will not be returning after that.


Thank you for reply. Do you want live 19:25hrs.at hotel lobby ?

Best Regards,

We’ve to reach the airport by 19:25. I’m not sure what time we have to leave the hotel, as I’m not sure how long it takes to drive to the airport. Please do advise.

Would your like pick up time 16:25hrs. or 19:25hrs.at hotel lobby?

Best Regards,

How long does it take to drive to the airport?

Around 45 minute from hotel-airport. You are meeting our friend at 19:25hrs.at airport?


We’ll meet at the hotel lobby at 18:30 then. Thanks!

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