Shopping & Weddings

I was never too crazy about attending dinner functions, because I don’t know what to wear. I’ve always had my mum to rely on for clothes whenever something like wedding comes along. I’ve since gotten married and moved out, so I guess it is high time I got a dress of my own, so today, we yesterday we went down to Junction 8 for some shopping. Got a dress, shoes, a cute handbag. Finally, I’ve clothes for functions like dinners. 😀

Last night was my Twin’s customary chinese dinner. Having already had a dinner in the UK, this was a second dinner for relatives in Singapore. It’s funny how, not by plan, all the twins are getting married within the span of 2 years, with Sam being the last amongst us, but she said there’re plans for Dec.

I guess we’re all entering the next stage of our lives together. Looking forward to an interesting journey ahead.

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