Xmas Partee!

Last night was the annual Xmas party. It’s always an interesting event, the highlight being the gift exchange. Everybody has to buy a gift for someone they have drawn from the box. Some of the gifts are hilarious:

– A guy got a box of condoms, and someone asked him if he knew how to use it.

– Someone else got an empty sony tape box with a note saying ‘Helloooo, your present is waiting for you in Malacca’. Hmmm … suggestive.

– Yet another guy got a bikini and a pic of a girl. Hmmm ….

– Someone got a cute bucket filled with guiness stout (i think), the bucket being for him to puke in.

My present was probably the heaviest! Turns out to be a 24-can carton of kickapoo!! haha. That’s cause I’m always ordering kickapoo durin lunch.

These year’s presents weren’t as while as a couple of years back though, when someone gave the big boss a nude self-potrait, with leaves covering the appropriate parts. OMG!

Now I’m wondering why I didn’t take any pictures.

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