I remember …

… being a teenager in sec school, occasionally working a day or two, and making $30-$50 folding letters and handing out flyers. How rich that made me feel! (i got like $15-$20/week in allowance then.)

… being a teenager in JC, working a one off temp job at a Brand’s fair, making $50 and still feeling kinda rich.

… getting a full time job for 10 months after JC, starting off with a job that paid $39/day to one paying $68/day, going on a instant noodle campaign and blowing the rest of crab and night trips to JB for food & shopping. It was yummy and fun, though I never had any left to save.

… getting a 15-20 hour job in College, paying USD$6/hr, and later getting promoted to $7/hr. Receiving a cheque for $200-$240 every two weeks was awesome! It paid for my gas, food and that return trip to Singapore during the Summer.

… graduating, and going out to LA to find work. I worked for free on a deferred payment indie film. It’s more than 3 years now and I’m still waiting for my cheque. Actually, I’m actually wondering if they found time to edit it. I’m tempted to ask them to ship the stuff over and I’ll edit it for them just so I can see my first project in full!

… returning to Singapore, and starting work full-time. I OT a lot, and at times wondered if I’m actually getting paid more per hour than if I had worked at McDonalds. I still managed to purchase a MacBook Pro, and fly back to US for my cousin’s wedding.

… deciding to go freelance. The pay and flexibility is great! When you get your cheque though, can be highly random. Strange thing is, even though I’m making more, I feel like I’m making less. I guess maybe it’s because my ‘dreams’ and ‘expectations’ have become bigger. Saving $4k can buy me a decent Macbook Pro, but $4k is only 2% of a $200k flat, and not even 1% of a condo.

Is money related to happiness? The rich spend tons of money buying fast cars, posh houses, expensive holidays. Yet at the same time, there are millionares who are not happy at all.

I guess the happiness cannot be associated with how much money you have, but rather happiness is a result of enjoying your life before you, and the people around you. Although money can pay for all those things, in the end, it’s the experiences that you’ll remember, and that which truly matters.

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  1. goofy Says:

    For me, happiness is ensuring that my mother is well taken care of and at this moment, she is not. I just need to vent out my frustration to someone and I cannot do so in real life. The story started in 2006 when my two of my relatives invested some money with us to develop properties. The first development didn’t go well because we were greedy and used a Chinese architect. Our initial thoughts was that by using a cheaper architect, we could help them and us save money but unfortunately, this didn’t go as planned. As a result, my mother and I absorbed the losses and we then proceeded onto the next project. In 2008, we signed a letter stating that we owe them the invested amount of money meaning that the money they invested with us was changed from “investment” to “loan” and dated the money to be paid back to them in Jan 2009.

    The construction was stalled due to the initial planning delays. The properties are still under construction and plan to be completed in 6 months but these so called relatives are like vultures. My mother has suffered a second stroke due to the stress of owing them money and I told them that. But instead of giving us a breathing space, they went straight for the kill. They want us to mortgage our property to them where the amount we owed them is 1/10 of the property. They threatened me today that I either mortgage the property or I write a cheque with specified dates on it.

    I told them my mother can’t no longer withstand the stress so if they want anything, come to me and that I only need another 4 to 6 months and they’ll get their money back. These vultures know that the property is under my mother’s name so they are going to threaten her if I don’t give them an answer!

    I can only pray that they can one day experience what I am experiencing now. I hope their kids can give them hell as a repayment of what they are trying to do to my mother!

    I’m sorry if this make for a lousy reading but I am really scared about my mother’s heath and I hate these cold blooded people with no conscience whatsoever!

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