Kids: The Gene Experiment

When I do have kids one day, it’s not because there’s a burning maternal instinct in me, or the need to spread my genes. If it were the latter, I would rather than adopt, since there are enough kids without parents, why the need to bring in a new one?

Rather, the 2 reasons I want to have kids are:

1) I’m hoping to have a new perspective of life, seeing it through their eyes, waiting for them to teach me things, ask me strange questions, and point out the obvious.

2) I’m really really really really curious to see what the merging of two halfs of a dna can create. Will it be a mini-us? Cute yet serious, silly yet profound, stubborn yet forgiving, lazy yet hardworking?

It’s really essentially like looking at a cell, “add water” then seeing it explode into a baby, then a defiant teenager, and yada yada.

Don’t worry, I won’t probe him/her with a stick!

3 Responses to “Kids: The Gene Experiment”

  1. simon leong Says:

    so am i…so am i dear…

  2. ah boo Says:

    Interesting… I’m curious to see that merger of DNA too…keke!

  3. yk Says:

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