Those Bundles of Joy

Was talking to a friend on msn last night, and I was just rambling about liking to earn more, and he asked whatever for. I said for future furniture, wedding, holidays, kids.

He has a kid, and they feel one kid is already a lot to handle. Then I found out his wife recently found a job. They both just moved back from China a few months ago. So if both of them are working, who’s looking after the baby? His in-laws of course. Though this story comes with a slight twist. Apparently his in-laws are still in China, and they have been taking care of their kid since day 1, 24/7!

He can’t do without them. He plans to bring his kid over her end of next year, and the in-laws with her.

Baby sitting on books

How to have kids in Singapore man, who’s goin to take care of the kid(s)? My future in-law won’t be able to handle a kid, and my mum doesn’t exactly want to handle babies the minute she retires. (She wants them to be born and be like 3 years olds, then she might take care of them.)

So what’s left? Infant-care centers? Maids? The necessary evils? I was pretty much brought up by my maid, and when I was younger, I swore that I’ll never let my kids be brought up by maids. Why have kids if you can’t afford to be a part of their growing up years?

That pretty much leaves staying at home. But the Marriage and Parenthood package the Government roles out favors working mums over stay at home mums. For example, the ‘working mother’ relief only applies to, well, working mothers.

So I guess it means finding a way to work from home. Maybe I should start blogging on something regularly, and maybe make a living of it one day? 😀 Now what can I write about. hmmmm.

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