Local Movies

There’s quite a number of DVD/VCD of local movies sitting on my shelf that I’ve yet to watch. Decided to watch a few of them.

Watched Kelvin Tong’s Men in White last week, and his The Maid just a few minutes ago. Both these movies made a profit. I can’t say I liked these two movies that much.

I did like Rule #1, cause it had a decent story, and was shot nicely, but apparently that didn’t do too well at the local box-office. I also liked Love Story, because the story was funky (ie. what the hell is going on), and he made Singapore look not Singapore. Eating Air was decent too – simple story, simple characters, and nice cinematics.

There’s still some local movies waiting for me to watch. Strangely, I’ve never watched a single Eric Khoo movie so far. Mee Pok Man and 12 Stories are on the shelf.

And so is Perth.

Funny. It seems that local movies that win awards overseas generally do not do well locally. When I see the box-office takings for local movies, sometimes I really go ‘huh’. I don’t think I quite understand the general Singapore audience.

We have strange tastes.

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