Meaning of Life

“Once people are trapped in the lifelong process
of bill paying, they become like those little hamsters
running around in those little metal wheels.

Their little furry legs are spinning furiously, the wheel
is turning furiously, but come tomorrow morning,
they’ll still be in the same cage: great job.”

I was very jaded while in JC. I didn’t see the purpose of going to school and studying things I would never use in real life. The above statement was exactly how I felt then, and I remember arguing with my mum over it. I think the term I used then was ‘zombies’, not ‘hamsters’ though.

I love Life, as a means of discovery: to learn more and more with each passing day. Knowledge seems like a kind of fuel in my life, because there’s so much out there to learn, to absorb. Not the kind of book knowledge from school, but relevant real life knowledge that enriches my everyday life.

I can’t know anything, and I don’t want to know everything (I’ll go mad), but I really wish that I will always have the chance, to pursue whatever interests me, and never be trapped in the zombie hamster lifestyle.

Ironically, and as predicted, I remember at best 10% of what I studied in JC. Integration/Statistics, Chemical Analysis, Biology … sad to say, all gone.

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