2007 Update

2007 has been a strange year indeed. It has been a roller-coaster right and though it’s still a mere 12 months, somehow, if feels like 2 years.

The new year started off pretty quiet, with no countdown other than that on TV. Curtis was out working at some countdown somewhere, but came over after. I got his promise for the new year – his half-filled cigarette box and his zippo lighter – his promise to quit once and for all.

January was a bad month at work. Datelines continued piling up, and nobody cared how the work got done, they just wanted it done. It was a sad feeling seeing the clock nearing six, hearing everyone laughing and chatting outside while waiting to go home, while I knew that my day was not even half over and the night was still young.

The company made us write an evaluation to roundup what we had done the previous year, and what we hoped for in this current year. It my opinion, doing that is a double-edged sword, cause they either get reminded how bloody good the company is … or it makes them wonder why they’re still there.

Multiple Personality DisorderIn February, we caught Hossan Leong’s “Multiple Personality Disorder” at the Library. Valentine’s day was really close to Chinese New Year, and Chinese New Year meant we had to hand up the next episode a few days early. It took me a week to churn out an episode alone. There was no way I could do it in less days! Thus started the Valentine nightmare though.

I was already drowning in work, we were told to take the night off, but I knew there was no way in hell I could rush a dateline without help, and nobody was listening. It took some yelling and me breaking down into tears before anyone even thought it was a problem. How frustrating. I was really close to walking out, literally.

Fortunately, they finally hired temporary help. The boss also had a talk with me, to find out what else they could do to improve the situation. They finally agreed to hire another editor, something that should have been done 11 if not 5 months before.

Blue The JFL gala finally came, which meant that almost all my JFL commitments were done. The main movie and tv trailers were done, so was the making of, and finally I could try and enjoy a public holiday for once. The parents went overseas for CNY as usual, so me and my brothers went visiting on our own. It was nice catching up with relatives, whom we unfortunately only seem to see once a year.

Caught Rocky Balboa and the Pursuit of Happyness in March. Both shows had really meaningful statements that made good food for thought. My post on mandy for a new editor had quite a lot of responses, though a lot of them were from India! But finally, the new editor came on board. His enthusiasm reminded me of myself when I first started.

With my commitment to the current program nearing an end, I started planning for a short break before the new projects started. I applied for 3 days leave, only to find out that that would leave me with 2 days for the rest of the year!!! How could I have only 5 days this year? Turns out, since you didn’t get any leave for your first year (mind boggling), and since I requested to be allowed to attend my cousin’s wedding in the US last year, they agreed but took my leave from this year. There was literally nothing to look forward to at all for the rest of the year.

Finally, the last episode of my project aired. I hopped on the bus that night and took off to Ipoh and then KL with curtis and michael for a much much needed vacation. It was nice to kick back and relax, and not have to care about anything work related for once. I didn’t want to go back to work!

March ended, and so did my vacation. Back to work again. But there was no breather for me. On my second day, they threw me another bomb – that what they were shooting that day had to be edited in one day, so that he could use it to pitch the day after. Great. Despite knowing about all these before hand, they still chose to do it at the last minute. I was already scheduled to work on something the next day, so now I had to do both. Once again, a crazy 20 hour work day.

It’s almost like I suddenly realized that nothing was going to change. Things weren’t going to improve. I was hopeful for change for a very long time, but I finally realized that it wasn’t going to happen. So early that morning, before I left, I typed up my resignation letter and gave them a month’s notice. It was about time. Chris decided it was time too, and threw in the towel the same day.

April was also the month I finally told the parents about curtis. They didn’t react the way we thought they would. I guess there’s still a lot about parents that I’ve yet to learn about.

“Never be afraid to try something new.
Remember that a lone amateur built the Ark.
A large group of professionals built the Titanic.”

My boss had another talk with me, persuading me to stay. Curtis was afraid that I would be swayed, as the boss can be pretty persuasive at times. It was comforting to some degree to know you’re still valued, but I realized that he could never offer me what I wanted and needed.

Chris left the company first, and then I did. Two others had quit the previous month, so now the count was 4. Shortly after, a 5th tendered to pursue her dream. On some levels it was sad to leave, but yet neccessary. To celebrate my last day, we had lots and lots of crabs at Mellben in Ang Mo Kio. Yummy! Strangely enough, the first 4 months felt like a year, and had a lot of unneccessary drama.

So the day came when I was thrown into the world of freelancing. Between June-August, I was essentially juggling three different projects, all different and interesting in its own way. It was shaky here and there, but every job promised either better hours or better pay. I did return to my old company for 3 days to help out on some projects, on a freelance basis, and they paid good! During this period, curtis also decided to change jobs, and though his new job can be stressful, it is a lot more challenging, and has better compensations.

I’ve been working on my current project since late August. It’s an interesting project as it’s an Asian version of a US reality show, and should start showing on TV in Jan 2008. I started off as an Assistant Editor, working crazy night shifts, then got bumped up to 2nd Editor late October, and then Lead Editor a month later. In the process, I met lots of different people, different personalities, and had lots of interesting conversations.

I’m currently on my almost 13-day before we resume on our project. 13 days. That’s 11 days more leave then I would have had had I stayed. Heh. My younger brothers have been hanging out a lot, and I just got back from a 3 day Melaka trip.

I think all in all, I’ve had a pretty fruitful year. I’ve no idea what my plans are for 2008 other than whatever the case, it must get better!

I guess my 2007 update seems to be mainly about work. Actually it’s not only about work lar, but this post has gotten too long. Don’t think I shall write further.

Happy New Year 2008!

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