Loopholes #2: Parking

There’s a rumour going round that if you put just one parking coupon regardless of how long you park, even if you get a fine, you still save money overall, even after paying off the fine. I don’t really agree with that logic. It doesn’t really work, especially so since the whole business has been privatized, and it is technically considered ‘cheating’. šŸ˜€

Sunday and Public Holidays

However, if you do drive to the heartland malls on Sundays and Public Holidays, you might want to park at HDB carparks instead of the shopping mall itself, since parking is free on those days. Such carparks are usually quite close to the malls itself.

Take Junction 8 in Bishan for example:

Junction 8 Parking

Parking at the multi-storey carpark (white lots*) at Blk 505 is free. Junction 8 is just across the field. With the money saved from parking, you can go get yourself a nice ice-cream while at J8. šŸ˜€ There is another multi-storey carpark at Blk 514, but that one isn’t free. It does charge by the minute though, and is an option if you are making a short trip to J8.


City parking isn’t cheap. Currently, I’m working near Outram MRT. I don’t drive everyday so I don’t have a season-parking pass. On days that I do drive however, it costs $2/hr to park in the day. That amounts to min $18/day if I do drive!

The Chinatown Complex Food and Market had moved to a temporary shelter near one of the exits of Outram MRT, while the current site was undergoing upgrading. For some reason, parking there is $1/hr. So on days that I do drive, I save myself the hassle of punching out coupons, and save some money on parking.

Barricaded HDB Parking

This one is just totally random. Some HDB carparks are totally electronic. They calculate and deduct your parking amount when you leave the carpark. However, since parking is free on Sundays and Public Holidays, the barriers are lifted on those days, allowing cars to come and go as and when.

Here’s the funny part though. If you happen to enter on a Saturday or an eve of a public holiday, and don’t come out till the next day, your parking is essentially free. Go figure.

Los Angeles

Interestingly, providing free parking is not an alien concept. In Los Angeles, there is usually a street designated for free parking, though lots are limited and usually occupied. However, I find it comforting that just like libraries were created to loan out books for free, there are also free parking catered for those who are willing to find and wait for them.

* Even though parking is free on Sundays and Public Holidays, there are still parking wardens walking around and they will give you a summon if you park in a red lot instead of a white lot! ($50 fine!)

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