13th month

Had a girls-night-out last wednesday. Met up with some of my friends from JC. Can’t imagine. It’s been 7 years since we graduated. Ughh.

Anyhow, I learnt about the 13th month over dinner. Most people don’t consider the 13th month pay as a bonus. When the average person talks about how many months bonus they got, they usually doesn’t take the 13th month into consideration. And with good reason, cause the 13th month isn’t a bonus!

How come?

Some time ago, employees used to be paid every two weeks. In fact, in the US, quite a number of people still get their pay every two weeks. When I was working in the US, I used to get my pay bi-weekly too. So people who get paid monthly actually get paid lesser than bi-weekly paid people, because some months, there are 5 weeks, not 4. As a result, to compensate for the 4 months with extra weeks, the 13th month pay was created.

It does make sense really, cause: 52weeks/4weeks = 13!

There you go.

So companies who don’t even give their employees their 13th month are just …. sad.

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