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Hans Zimmers

King Arthur was showing on Channel 5 sunday night. I caught a bit of the opening, and when I heard the background orchestra music, a name immediately surfaced in my mind: Hans Zimmer. And true enough, when I did a check on imdb today, he was listed as the composer.

I was also watching the first two eps of “The Contender“, a boxing reality show shown some time back, the same name surfaced when I heard the theme song for the series. It sounded kinda like the “Pirates of the Caribbean” theme song, which I love.

Every composer has some sort of signature. But for me to be able to identify a Hans Zimmer composition so easily, is it because his signature is strong, or because his tunes sound too similar?

Movies and Theatre

Beauty Word is coming back in Jan 2008. The charm of theatre is not always about who’s performing, but more of the stories unlike movies, where stars usually sell the show.

Recently, “The Invasion” starring Nicole Kidman has been getting mix reviews. It’s a remake of “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers“. Some people don’t like movies being remade at all. Sometimes it’s because the remakes aren’t any that better than the originals. Others just feel that they’re just too lazy to find a new story, choosing to remake old ones instead.

But in theatre, classics like Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserable, there will always be shows, and people will still go to them. Perhaps its because the main difference is that it’s live, and not recorded on a disc, to be watched in the comfort of your home, over and over again.

What’s done where?

I remember when I was still working in my ex-company, I heard about how in the film and media industry in Singapore, if you choose to outsource your crew to ‘foreign talent’, you’ll get blacklisted by local crews, and nobody will want to freelance for you. Since the industry is so small, word travels around really fast.

In a way, I understand their sentiment, as a means to protect their own interests. But at the end of the day, costs and profits still dictate. Things will get outsourced.

For example, the Simpsons is conceptualized in the US, but the actual animation is done in Korea. Quite a number of local production houses dealing with animation also have affliate companies in other countries where labor is cheaper, and their actual animation is done overseas. Its neccessary for them to do so, to keep production costs reasonable. I just found out today that a lot of Walt Disney stuff gets out sourced to Indonesia too.

It makes me wonder to what extent will out-sourcing come to. Will it reach the stage where the country only provides the money, but everything else is out-sourced, and it’s still called a local production?

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