Random Rants


I signed up for nuffnang some time back, but only recently have there been slots booked for advertising on my other blog singapore watch. One slot just ended it’s one week run, and other will run till the end of the month. No clue how much that will rake in. Hopefully in time to come, that gives me some extras to have fun with!

Moving Pictures

I watched Alone last week. It was the usual shock shock scare scare kinda horror movie, but what intrigued me about it was how they used close up for most of their shots. It heightens the audience anticipation, cause they, like the ‘victim’, have no clue what to expect from beyond the frame. If it were all wide shots, it would be harder to hide surprises, and it just wouldn’t be as scary.

Have been watching Monster the anime. It’s a really dark, investigative, detective, mystery kinda anime, where the death count just keeps rising, and everyone’s trying to find out the truth, and a few are trying to right it. They have really good characters though, all unique and well-fleshed out. It shared some similarities with The Bourne Ultimatum.

Rush Hour 3 was short, and quite lame. There were a few funny parts, but mostly lame. Or maybe I’m just bias – I don’t really like Chris Tucker, cause I think he’s really annoying.


Current full-day job will be end, Wednesday. New one will start next week. I’m still trading time for money, and as long as I do, there is only so much I can make.

I’ve been revisiting an old idea, and trying to flesh out it’s feasibility. I remembered that one of my plans back then was to work in at least two more production houses before I start out something on my own. Back then, I was still thinking more along the lines of working as a full-time job. I never thought that freelancing could be the solution. I think in a year, I might be ready.

One thing that amazes me is how easily we trust other people. I’ve been given keys to offices even though they hardly know me. Every time you hire someone, you have to place a certain level of trust in the person. Of course if you mess up or betray that trust, chances are you won’t be called up again. That hasn’t happen so far though. 😉

Still sourcing for other forms of income (like renting out my macbook pro). At the same time, trying to figure out the best way to not have to pay taxes for this year. Guess I have to start dumping money into CPF. Dunno why, I’m just not too keen on the idea of paying taxes. It doesn’t seem like the money is being wisely used, especially when you hear of how $500k was used to conserve a tree on the road, and then after a few public complaints, they chop the tree down. Bye bye $500k.

Haven’t entirely gotten the hang of managing things yet, but it’s a start. Somehow I just have this feeling inside that I can do so much more. It’s only just the beginning … …

Credit Card

I recently applied for the Citibank Clear Card. It’s the card where anyone can apply, but you only have a credit limit of $500. I don’t qualify for any other cards (sad to say), cause I didn’t earn enough in my last job, and I have to have two years worth of documentation as a “self-employed”.

They nearly disqualified me from this card, cause they claimed I earned too much, and that I should apply for the others. That would have sucked – to be rejected by a card where anyone is suppose to be able to get!

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