Chris ???!: Chris trying to eavesdrop on my conversation.

Chris ???!

The Real Little Red Riding Hood: Who said Little Red Riding Hood had to be female?

Little Red Riding Hood

Gala Wars: It’s not really a war, but when you have galas one night after the other, some deco just can’t be helped.

Gala Wars
Gala Wars

???”?”: Seth made us all frogs for Christmas last year, and this year, he gave us fishes. He’s setting a high bar for himself! Now we’ll expect something every holidays 😀


Green: Curtis brought back a bowl of dessert filled with ice, and green syrup. The reason why it’s green and not any other colour is not a concidence. Heh.


Blue: When we went over to my dad’s place this morning, the youngest greeted us by ‘flashing us’. He said “see today i wear all blue! my underwear also blue” and then he pulled down his pants to show us!!


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