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Bike Lessons @ BBDC

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

As a kid I always loved cycling, especially when going down slope – not only do I not have to pedal, I get to feel the cool breeze brushing against my cheek, and dancing through my hair. Somehow it just made me feel free.

So it’s no surprise that as I grew older, I always wanted to learn how to ride a motorbike. Parental objection made it impossible, and back then, I didn’t have the money or time anyway, to ‘secretly learn’.

Then I met a colleague who rode a bike, and after saying I wanna learn to ride a bike for about 2 years, and having her tell me to just do it – one day I decided to just do it.

So now I’m 28, and equipped with a pair of Mizuno gloves and my own helmet, I’m ready. So on 8th Nov 2010, I enrolled at Bukit Batok Driving Center, and went for my first lesson the next day.

My bike for my first lesson – a Honda 160cc Megapro
I dropped the bike 5 times. Oops!

Left: There are 7 theory lessons in total
Right: There are 8 stages of practical lessons in total (each stage has 1-3 lessons)
Each stage has a different coloured vest. Feels kinda like the Taekwondo, only the last stage isn’t a black vest.

I think I’m about halfway through now. Just finished 4.02 for my practical, and onto 5.01. The lessons are actually quite fun, and you get a different instructor each lesson, so its a new lesson, new teaching style each time.

Can’t wait to get my license, and a bike. Weeeeee!

Oh and as for spousal objection, as the saying goes, “If you can’t beat them, join them“. So Simon just started learning too. Mwahahaha. At least now we can comment on random bikes together

Turf Club @ Kranji

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

We went to the Turf Club @ Kranji on 19 Dec, for what apparently was the last race day of 2010. I’ve always wanted to visit the Turf Club and bet on a race, just because I’ve never done so before, so when I saw a “Race Day Package” deal on Voucherwow, I jumped at it.

Basically the “package” consisted of:
* Admission to the Orchid Box
* Christmas buffet lunch
* Free flow of beer and soft drinks
* Parade ring tour
* Professional photo
* Gift to remember the day

As we were walking from the carpark to race track, Simon made an interesting observation – all the people walking with us were all middle-age males! There was like maybe one female, and she was middle-aged too. When we entered the Orchid Box, it was filled with younger people – exactly the kind who goes online looking for offers like this!

The Orchid Box is one of their private function rooms on the 4th floor of their grandstand. Essentially it guarantees a perfect view of the race and the finishing line!

Left: The stakes if your horse wins.
Right: The parade ring tour where punters observe the horses before betting.

Our first bets was on race 2, and both our horses won us $27 combined. Sadly, the house always wins, cause one never knows when to stop. By the time we left, we had lost -$13. Lol.

Left: Where the general public Q to place their bets.
Right: Where the VIP Q to place their bets (ie. no Q!)

Our ‘free photo’ included in the package

It was an interesting experience, and it’s unlikely we will return again. If you plan to visit though, remember to bring a pair of binoculars! If not the horses look like racing ants!


Monday, December 27th, 2010

Have always wanted to try out wakeboarding, but found it kinda expensive. Finally the opportunity came when in November, when VoucherWow had this offer of $139 for 2 hours. Still expensive, but cheaper.

left: The deal
right: Our boat & Larry, our instructor

left: This is mau’s 2nd wakeboarding session, so she’s good!
right: Simon learning what to do

Finally my turn! It looks a lot easier than it really is.
My knees hurt squatting there.

Managed to stand up on my 2nd attempt, and a few more times after,
but wasn’t able to stay up for long.

left: The pink board and shoes we used!
right: Larry let Mau drive the boat on the way back.

Simon enjoying the ride!

Apparently the boats used for wakeboarding are actually meant for fresh waters and
not sea water, and thus needs to be maintained more regularly.

Might or might not try it again, but I’m glad I got to try it at least once!

Candid Camera

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Here’s my current iphone wallpaper. Cute right?

Taken on my iphone, while in the car.

Shopping & Weddings

Monday, January 11th, 2010

I was never too crazy about attending dinner functions, because I don’t know what to wear. I’ve always had my mum to rely on for clothes whenever something like wedding comes along. I’ve since gotten married and moved out, so I guess it is high time I got a dress of my own, so today, we yesterday we went down to Junction 8 for some shopping. Got a dress, shoes, a cute handbag. Finally, I’ve clothes for functions like dinners. 😀

Last night was my Twin’s customary chinese dinner. Having already had a dinner in the UK, this was a second dinner for relatives in Singapore. It’s funny how, not by plan, all the twins are getting married within the span of 2 years, with Sam being the last amongst us, but she said there’re plans for Dec.

I guess we’re all entering the next stage of our lives together. Looking forward to an interesting journey ahead.


Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Size does NOT matter. When a bear chases you, RUN!

When my mum learnt we got another dog, she was like “YOU BETTER NOT GET A THIRD DOG!”

Don’t worry mum, we don’t plan to. Though now that we have a Peanut and a Cookie … we do lack a Butter. Hmmm … …

A Walk

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

Took a bus to Queensway Shopping Centre today, about 3 stops away. Had “Katong Laksa” and walked around for a bit, then decided to walk home.

It’s amazing how much we can see when we’re not rushing about. We followed a woman who was heading for the woods, and than we saw this:

Railway tracks

We saw something ahead

It’s a worker’s dorm of some sort

It’s really a contrast between the classes:
foreign & lower/middle locals

sunset over queensway
The sun sets again, right on schedule

Photos taken on my E51.


Sunday, January 13th, 2008

13012008 Badminton

Didn’t really play badminton much this time round. Got hit by a really bad cough bug that knocked me out the whole day before.

Joel’s friend joined us today.

The youngest is getting a tad … bossy. His badminton skills though, have improved.